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  1. Eddy B

    This is great. I have the same view on traveling. Life is too short to stay in one spot. If I were to hit the lotto, I would travel to different countries 9-10 a year. One thing I regret not doing during my tenure as an UF student is to travel abroad.

    • Adam's Apple: The World

      You are absolutely right; life is too short not to live it the fullest. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day financial and time constraints, but there are ways around both; you just have to get creative with it.

      Traveling while in college is something I definitely recommend to everyone as the time constraint is substantially lessened. In addition, education abroad scholarships are always possible.

  2. gucciegoo

    Yeah, I love this. I can’t agree more on what you wrote. I still can’t believe that majority of Americans don’t have passports. Hehehe! Great job

    • Adam's Apple: The World

      Thanks for the feedback! And you’re right; so many Americans, including myself until 2013, don’t realize what we’re missing out on until we actually get out there and explore firsthand.

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