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Free Insider World Travel Tip: Learn Language Before You Go

When thinking of travel, people often daydream of delicious food, breathtakingly beautiful architecture & scenery, insightful tours, and exciting activities, to name a few. However, one aspect that is sometimes forgotten about until after the trip has already begun is language. I believe it is vitally important to at least learn some key words & phrases before you depart; let me tell you why.

Reverse Culture Shock

Like in the movie, the Matrix, my travel experiences were the equivalent of taking the red pill; however, instead of waking up to a complete disaster (like in the movie), it made me feel truly alive.

Traveling Is Living

Traveling is Living. Join me as we set sail on this adventure together.

“Close yourself off to the world, and you will find every reason to hate it, but approach the world with an open mind and a good heart, and you’ll realize we’re all in this together.”