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Free Insider World Travel Tip: Learn Language Before You Go

When thinking of travel, people often daydream of delicious food, breathtakingly beautiful architecture & scenery, insightful tours, and exciting activities, to name a few. However, one aspect that is sometimes forgotten about until after the trip has already begun is language. I believe it is vitally important to at least learn some key words & phrases before you depart; let me tell you why.

Reverse Culture Shock

Like in the movie, the Matrix, my travel experiences were the equivalent of taking the red pill; however, instead of waking up to a complete disaster (like in the movie), it made me feel truly alive.

A Lifetime in Italy: A Dream or Your Next Reality?

The dream of owning your own home in Italy is very much alive. Having personally experienced most of the well-traveled spots of bello l’Italia myself, being able to explore a mostly undiscovered area sounds like one adventure after another waiting to happen. Make your dream a reality today.