Prince Street Pizza Goldbelly Review: Is It Really Worth it?

Last updated on July 4th, 2020

Pizza Makes the World Go ‘Round

Anyone who knows me at all knows pizza is my all-time favorite food. Some would call me a pizza fanatic or even a pizza connoisseur; they’re not wrong. I have looked far and wide across the world in search of the best pizza, and so far, while I love all pizza, no place in America has been able to touch what Italy has to offer (cue the hate mail in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..).

The debates are always endless between people passionate about the food from their hometown. Whether it’s Neapolitan (the inventors of my beloved pizza and my personal favorite), Roman, Sicilian, Chicago style (deep dish or tavern), New Haven apizza, Detroit, or a classic New York slice, you will never run out of places to try.

With that said, there is one particular pizzeria I have had on my bucket list for quite some time: Prince Street Pizza. Some have even called this the holy grail of pizza and swear by it being the best in the entire world, including Naples! I had plans to visit this Lower Manhattan eatery this year, but then 2020 decided to go up-in-smoke.

So, if I can’t go to Prince Street, then I’m bringing Prince Street to me. I was watching one of Mike Chen’s (my favorite YouTuber) videos on YouTube a few weeks ago, and my mouth dropped in awe as he received a delivery from Prince Street Pizza; for those few who don’t know who Mike is, he used to live in New York but now lives in Seattle. Before the video was even over, I started Googling how to get Prince Street delivered to me down here in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and nobody’s pizza will is stronger than mine, except for maybe El Presidente, Dave Portnoy. I came across a site called Goldbelly, and they apparently partner with restaurants across the country, and you can have food shipped anywhere in the US; awesome! From Texas BBQ to New York pizza to Maine lobster rolls, you can find quite a lot of goodies. The downside is the price point as it is far too high under normal circumstances.

The price is high, but does the quality match it? I am on the case for important matters such as this!

I was informed by 2020 that the current situation is far from normal, so I had no choice but to indulge my pizza cravings and order 2 spicy spring pepperoni pizza pies. For those unaware of this mouth-watering creation, do yourself a favor and search for it on YouTube. The spicy spring is a semi-thick rectangular pie topped with fra diavolo (spicy tomato) sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and a mountain of high-quality, crispy cup & char pepperoni. You can have it baked normal or extra crispy; I say extra crispy because why not?

Feeling hungry yet? Me too. Be right back as I go grab another slice.

This slice is a beaut!

Okay, that’s better. Now, back to the review. Prince Street Pizza pre-bakes the pizza, cuts it in half, seals it in plastic, and then Goldbelly places it in a box with dry ice to protect it as it gets shipped overnight.

No instructions come in the package; however, you can find the instructions on Goldbelly’s site. Prince Street recommends to pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees and bake the pizza for 22-25 minutes.

Pizza out of the package, prepared to go into the oven

I recommend just using those instructions as a guideline as I probably baked mine for about 30 minutes total; I tried their recommendation first, but it was not quite as hot or crispy as I like. But after 30, it looked and smelled phenomenal. A test to know it’s done is if you hear that ever-pronounced crunch as you are cutting the pizza.

Fresh out of the oven; I may have drooled a little..

The first thing I tried was a pepperoni; this was amazing! When it comes to this classic American topping, you will be hard-pressed to find a place who does pepperoni as well as them. It was juicy, crispy, and had the most amazing grease bubbles inside. After having this, I was excited to see what the rest of this pizza had to offer!

First and foremost, one bite, everyone knows the rules! Or better yet, one nibble, everyone knows the law (shout-out to Julian Edelman aka Jules). As I took my first bite, the first thing I noticed was a tremendous crunch, which was a great early sign. I immediately tasted the aforementioned juicy, crispy pepperoni.

Time to dig in!

As I took another bite, I could tell there was just a hint of spice in the sauce, but it wasn’t quite as spicy as I imagined it being due to the name of fra diavolo. This is where the pizza lover in me stepped away, and the critic came out. As I took more bites, something tasted a bit off with both the sauce and the dough (outside of the outer crust), but I couldn’t put my finger on what the issue was. My conclusion is that the freezing had the unfortunate negative effect you might expect it to have.

If you are comparing this to other frozen pizzas, this is the gold standard without question. But at this price point, it has to be judged against the best of the best. I look forward to the day I eat a fresh spicy spring pizza from Prince Street, but based on this alone, I cannot recommend buying this and having it shipped across the country. I wanted to love this so badly, but alas.

Final Scores (0-10 Scale)

  • Pepperoni – 9.7
  • Outer Crust – 8.1
  • Remaining Dough – 5.6
  • Sauce – 5.3
  • Cheese – 5.1
  • Overall – 7.1
  • Value – 3.4

Please let me know your thoughts, whether you have ordered this from Goldbelly or eaten at the actual Prince Street Pizza location in Manhattan, New York. Also, I can assure you no slice will be left behind. If you disagree with any of my rankings, feel free to let me know. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything at all or would like to chat with us! Please hit those follow, share, & like buttons; just don’t eat the apple. Until next time, ciao!

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