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Hey, guys! I’m Adam. Traveling has been my passion ever since I stepped foot overseas for the first time back in 2013. This trip forever changed me for the better and turned many of my paradigms on life upside-down.

Please join me on this exciting adventure, and I’ll show you how to travel the right way and make friendships & connections that will last a lifetime. And perhaps even find the love of your life along the way like I did. Read more about Adam & Mora here!

“Close yourself off to the world, and you will find every reason to hate it, but approach the world with an open mind and a good heart, and you’ll realize we’re all in this together.”

Travel Blog

Follow our adventures across the world, and perhaps even join us in person along the way. Mora & I always look forward to our next adventure together, whether it be in Taiwan (my home away from home & where she is from), bella Italy, somewhere in the U.S., or elsewhere. It’s not about checking countries off a list; it’s about making sure you’re actually living in the present when there.

Lessons Learned From Travel

I have made every mistake while traveling so you don’t have to. Please learn from my mistakes. I also discuss how travel makes you a much more open-minded, well-rounded person, and today’s society needs a whole lot more of that. Traveling is Living.

Travel Tips

Learn time-tested travel tips I have personally used on my travels throughout the years. My travel experiences range from barely having any money in my pocket to splurging in all-inclusive resorts. Whether you want to travel on a budget, travel luxuriously, or have a mixed experience, you’ve come to the right place!

Packing Lists

Packing for your upcoming trip and need help getting started? Mora & I would be happy to help! Check out our packing list articles & choose the one that is most relevant for your trip, and soon you will be ready to depart for your destination!


Whether you are looking for a list of best art museums to visit in Italy, top cities to go party & have fun with your friends, or most beautiful tropical islands to relax & have a great time in the Caribbean (and anything in between), we have you covered!


I have been to thousands of restaurants & stayed in countless hotels. Over time, I will be writing about each of them and giving detailed, honest reviews. In addition, I will cover various products & services that I use & recommend.

My Travel Experiences

Are we really living our lives, or are we just accepting it?
Dr. Jimmy Lee
Professor, CYCU

Whether you have a question or just want a chat, feel free to send us a message. We love meeting new people from around the world and growing our circle of friends.

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